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27 December 2020

When I was five, Mom bought a wonderful book of Masterpieces. I often examined my favorites and wondered about these people painted in time. How were we the same? How were we different? If you are also a fan of Masterpieces, children’s book art, and cute mice, I invite you to follow Monday MousterWorks.

For this project, I’ve preselected 52 Masterpieces to render in my children’s book style. Every Monday in 2021 I will post each rendition and some thoughts on Instagram, Facebook, and this blog. (Don’t forget to look for two mice in each illustration!) Many of these pieces are childhood favorites—Las Meninas by Diego Velasquez being my absolute favorite. But I also looked for lesser-known artists from various cultures. Hopefully this project will encourage you to ask questions about these people painted in time!

I invite illustrators of all ages to join! Here are The Rules:

Render each Masterpiece in your style and include two mice in your painting. You can play around with dimension, age, species, expression, medium, and color—but it must contain elements from the original so that it is recognizable as a variation. If you’d like others to see your MousterWork, post to social media and include the hashtag #MousterWorks2021.

Here is the full MousterWorks schedule:

January 4: Shen Zhou — Chinese Watercolor Children (1427-1509)

January 11: Jan van Eyck — Arnolfini Portrait (1434)

January 18: Tang Yin — Title Unknown (1470-1500’s)

January 25: Sandro Botticelli — La Primavera (1482)

February 1: Hieronymus Bosch — Adoration of the Magi (1485-1500)

February 8: Leonardo da Vinci — The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne (1503)

February 15: Rafael — Madonna in the Meadow (1505-6)

February 22: Pieter Bruegel — Landscape with the Fall of Icarus (1558)

March 1:Titian — St Margaret and the Dragon (1565)

March 8: El Greco — St Louis, King of France, and a Page (1590-7)

March 15: Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio — The Calling of Saint Matthew (1599-1600)

March 22: Rembrandt — The Holy Family with Angels (1645)

March 29: Diego Velasquez — Las Meninas (1656)

April 5: Diego Velasquez — Prince Felipe Prospero (1659)

April 12: Gabriel Metsu — The Sick Child (1663-4)

April 19: Johannes Vermeer — Girl with a Pearl Earring (1665)

April 26: Johannes Vermeer — The Milkmaid (1657-58)

May 3: Johannes Vermeer — The Lacemaker (1669-70)

May 10: Peter Paul Rubens and Frans Snyders — Christ and John the Baptist as children and two angels (1615-20)

May 17: Miyagawa Choshun — Ryukuan Dancer and Musicians (1718)

May 24: Bada Shanren — Lotus and Birds (1700s)

May 31: Thomas Gainsborough — The Blue Boy (1770)

June 7: Thomas Gainsborough — Mr. and Mrs. Andrews (1750)

June 14: George Romney — Portrait of Mrs. Anne Carwardine and her Eldest Son, Thomas (1775)

June 21: George Romney — Portrait of Lady Anne Barbara Russell (1786-7)

June 28: Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun — Marie-Antoinette de Lorraine-Habsbourg, queen of France, and her children (1787)

July 5: Francisco Goya — Manuel Osorio Manrique de Zuniga (“Red Boy”) (1787-8)

July 12: Jacques-Louis David — Portrait of Emilie (1795)

July 19: Mary Curtis Richardson — The Sands of Life (1848-1931)

July 26: Edgar Degas — The Dancing Class (1871)

August 2: Berthe Morisot — In a Park (1874)

August 9: Edourard Manet — The Monet Family in their Garden at Argenteuil (1874)

August 16: Claude Monet — Woman with a Parasol - Madame Monet and Her Son (1875)

August 23: Pierre-Auguste Renoir — A Girl with a Watering Can (1876)

August 30: Pierre-Auguste Renoir — Two Sisters (on the Terrace) (1881)

September 6: Edward Turner — Idle Hours (1876)

September 13: George Seurat — A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (1883-6)

September 20: John Singer Sargent — Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose (1885-6)

September 27: Berthe Morisot — Cottage Interior (also known as Interior at Jersey) (1886)

October 4: Edward Lamson Henry — Kept in (1888)

October 11: Van Gogh — Cafe Terrace at Night (1888)

October 18: Mary Cassatt — Summertime (1894)

October 25: Cecilia Beaux — A Little Girl (1887)

November 1: Cecilia Beaux — Ernesta (Child with Nurse) (1894)

November 8: William Merritt Chase — Idle Hours (1894)

November 15: Edward Mitchell Banister — The Salute (1895)

November 22: Edward Mitchell Banister — Sad Memories (1892)

November 29: Eugenio Zampighi — First Step (1900)

December 6: Edward Hughes — Midsummer Eve (1908)

December 13: Henry Ossawa Tanner — Gateway, Tangier (1912)

December 20: Henri Matisse — Tea in the Garden (1919)

December 27: Barbara Hepworth — The Shadow Dance (1919)

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My name is Angela, and I love how Masterpieces make me think about people painted in time. Hopefully MousterWorks will get you thinking too!

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