In 2021 I interpreted 54 masterpieces in my children’s book style (you can find them all here)—and these mousterful mice have convinced me to paint 12 more. You’ll find each new MousterWork on this blog, Instagram, and Facebook on the last Monday of each month. Don’t forget to look for two mice in each painting!

2022 MousterWorks schedule:

January 31: Caterina van Hemessen — Girl at the Virginal (1548)

February 28: George Elgar Hicks — The Dead Goldfinch (1878)

March 28: Berthe Morisot — On the Balcony (1872)

April 25: Eugenio Zampighi — Her First Lesson (unknown date)

May 30: Marie Bracquemond — Woman with an Umbrella (1880)

June 27: Pieter Bruegel the Elder — The Peasant and the Birdnester (1568)

July 25: Marie Bashkirtseff — A Meeting (1884)

August 29: William Merritt Chase — Gravesend Bay (1888)

September 26: Lavinia Fontana — Newborn Baby in Crib (1876)

October 31: Arthur Collingridge — A Token of Friendship (1890)

November 28: Elisabetta Sirani — Madonna and Child (1650)

December 26: Henry Ossawa Tanner — The Banjo Lesson (1893)

To see the originals, click here.

MousterWorks 2022

MousterWorks 2021

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When I was little, my mom and I often looked through a book full of beautiful Masterpieces. I asked lots of questions about these people painted in time: How were we the same? How were we different? If you are also a fan of masterpieces, children’s book art, and searching for mice, I invite you to follow along!

All original images © Angela C. Hawkins



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